What’s in store for weddings in 2021?

What’s in store for weddings in 2021?

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I know the big question on everybody’s lips is ‘when will weddings be back?’ but as well as that couples are starting to wonder ‘what will they look like?’ There is no doubt that the past year has had a huge impact on the wedding industry, but it’s not all doom and gloom – love has proved truly unbeatable. Here I will take you through my predictions for weddings in 2021…

When will ‘normal’ weddings resume?

I wish I had a crystal ball and could answer this important question with complete clarity, however, with ever changing government guidelines the honest answer is we’re not sure…yet. What you can be certain of is that weddings will be back, and we will be more than ready! With the roll out of the Coronavirus vaccine, we are feeling extremely optimistic about holding summer weddings and in the meantime, it’s a great time to gather inspiration and start planning.

What will weddings in 2021 look like?

Truly personal details

2020 really shook up the wedding industry, with traditional choices unavailable new trends and patterns emerged. One of the most significant (and hugely positive!) changes was the rise in deeply personal celebrations. Couples are now thinking about every last detail of their wedding day and ensuring that it is deeply reflective of their tastes, styles and personalities. Taking inspiration from places they have travelled together, romantic dates, things they love and their favourite experiences, these ideas are all pulled together to create a day that is uniquely and exclusively representative of them as a couple.  So, what does this look like? Menus could be based around couples’ favourite dishes, perhaps the wine menu will include that beautiful bottle they shared in a Chateau in France as well as a signature cocktail and the choice of floral décor may be influenced by the first bouquet the bride received from her fiancé.  Couples are now creating bespoke welcome gifts for each member of their wedding party, monogramming their initials onto napkins, and going big on decoration! With the rise in intimate weddings the budget can also stretch that much further. The choices are endless; throw in a modern wedding planner for help bringing your vision to life and you are guaranteed the ultimate stress free experience and truly bespoke day.


With new and ever changing rules more couples are opting to say their vows now and have a lavish party later. To quote a famous sportwear brand the new attitude is ‘just do it!’. With so many postponements last year, lots of couples have said ‘I just want to be married!’ and have gone to great lengths to make that happen. Intimate ceremonies, focusing on fantastic guest experience will continue well into the new year.


If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to focus on our values and to reflect on what truly means the most to us. I anticipate this spilling over into the choice of bridalwear (and groom’s wear!). Being authentic and unapologetically ‘you’ has never felt more liberating and this will likely mean a bolder more modern choice of fashion that is a true reflection of your personality. Adapting to intimate ceremonies, gowns have become less formal with more colour choices, jumpsuits, and often second outfits. After being cooped up for a year, there will be a strong desire for a good party (whether this is a second event or post wedding). I see this being represented with second event outfits that are made for dancing, including shorter gowns, slips and sequins!


Let’s face it weddings are not exactly synonymous with sustainability; however, there is a lot that can be done to counteract this. Couples want a beautiful day full of the finest things, but they are also conscientious and care about their impact on the planet. Small changes can make a big difference and opting for foam free florals, choosing seasonal produce, working with local suppliers, and choosing ethically sourced materials will lessen the environmental impact whilst still creating your dream wedding.

If you too, want to do your part, then do your research, ask questions, or seek out the support of someone who can guide you through the many sustainable (yet sophisticated!) swaps that can be made.

Less rustic more romantic

I anticipate a shift towards more timeless styles of wedding, more heartfelt, more romantic, and not characterised by a following a certain trend. Couples want to know that their wedding photographs will still look elegant in twenty years’ time, whilst shrugging off the formality and structure of traditional, structured wedding. Modern elegance is a way to embrace the beauty of tradition with a contemporary twist, thus creating a wedding that feels both timeless and classic.

Weekday weddings will become the norm

Weekend weddings are truly fabulous, but with a huge number of postponed weddings to reschedule, venues will be hosting weddings every day of the week.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, with a shift in peoples working habits and environment (yes, I’m talking about the home office!) people are looking forward to having a reason to celebrate and will be increasingly flexible with their schedules. I would expect huge enthusiasm for a day spent celebrating, laughing, and dancing with loved ones…regardless of the day of the week.

An increase in bookings for 2021 and 2022

With weddings being on hold for much of 2020 and around 80% of last year’s weddings rescheduled, it is expected that there will be a huge number of weddings happening in 2021 and 2022. If you have just started your wedding planning, do not let that put you off - enjoy this special time together! To keep the process as stress free as possible, I would recommend that you keep in mind that suppliers and venues may have limited availability. If you have a dream team in mind, start the conversations now and enquire about your date (if you have got to that stage) or their general availability. Let’s be honest, the old rulebook has been thrown out so be flexible with your timeline, commit to what you are comfortable with and just take it one step at a time.

Here at Amie Jackson Weddings, I am excited about the year ahead and I can’t wait to start celebrating again. Delivering elegant, authentic celebrations is at the very core of what I do and I’m looking forward to seeing love continue to conquer!

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Photography by Claire Graham and Katie Julia