Seating Chart Vs Escort Cards Vs Place Cards

Seating Chart Vs Escort Cards Vs Place Cards

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Seating Chart vs Escort Cards vs Place Cards


If you’re having assigned seating at your wedding meal, you’ll need a way to help your guests find their seat. You’ve probably heard of seating charts, escort cards and place cards but what’s the difference? The various ways to seat your guests can be a cause of confusion for many couples. In this article I clear up the difference between seating charts vs escort cards, vs place cards.

Seating Chart

A seating chart is usually a board displaying guest names – either alphabetically with tables number listed alongside or grouped under table names or numbers.

Escort Cards

For those not using a seating chart, an escort card display is an elegant alternative. An escort card is usually a single card with a guest name (or names of a family/couple) which tells them which table to sit at. Escort cards are often presented in beautiful displays near the reception area so your guests can find their name and smoothly transition to their table. Escort card displays can provide a fun and creative way to welcome your guests and let them know where they will be seated.

Place Cards

A place card on the other hand tells your guest exactly which seat to sit in at their assigned table and the cards will often be placed in front of each place setting.

In summary, a seating chart or escort cards will help your guests find their table and place cards will help them find their seat. You can choose between an escort card display or a seating chart, but you will need place cards to ensure your guests know their assigned seat when they arrive at their table.

Seating charts vs escort cards, vs place cards - which do I recommend?

Whilst both seating charts and escort cards can be visually stunning, I personally prefer escort cards as you can make incredibly stylish displays and avoid a crowd of guests queuing to peer at a seating chart. There’s something seriously chic about walking up a beautifully styled table, champagne in hand and seeking your name.

Thoughtfully displayed seating arrangements make your guests feel special and add a real sense of occasion. For this seating display at Cornwell Manor in the Cotswolds, I attached beautiful black and white cards to sumptuous thick velvet ribbon and suspended them from a black metal frame for a simple yet chic effect.