Supplier Series: Q&A with Luxury Florist Blue Sky Flowers

Supplier Series: Q&A with Luxury Florist Blue Sky Flowers

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Welcome to my series of blogs seeking ideas and advice from wedding industry experts.


Flowers play a huge part in the wedding design from the wedding party’s overall look (bouquets and boutonnières) to centrepieces and installations – flowers are arguably the most transformative and eye catching aspect of wedding design. Today, Liz from Blue Sky Flowers is joining me to discuss all things floral design.


Liz has a wealth of experience, having honed her craft for the past twenty years, she also imparts her knowledge to others’, training many up-and-coming florists. Her signature style is described as elegant, lush and natural, she has worked at many of the UK’s most desirable venues, and her incredible talent truly speaks for itself.

The Q&A

Let's cut straight to the chase, what practical information do couples need to know about working with a wedding florist and what should they share with you to ensure your visions align?


Anyone looking for a wedding florist should first work out what they are looking for in terms of flowers for their big day... they don't need to know names of flowers etc but where do they want the flowers, how much a part of the day will they be, how important are they to the look for the event... basically what priority do they give flowers

Then they need to do a little research... look for florists on IG for example, follow them and get an idea of their style...does it align with yours, do you like what they produce, have they worked at your venue etc?

Then make contact with a couple of key ones and talk about what you need... please don't email 10 with 'hi I'm getting married, can I have a quote!'


How would you describe your floral design process?


I get inspiration from my couples and their wedding day plan, what they like and don't like, the colours they may be using for table linen or dresses, the season and the venue... we then talk over ideas and go from there.


Talk to me a little about seasonality, is this something couples need to be aware of when picturing flowers for their special day?


I think the season is important and makes the flowers more natural and in keeping ... yes I've done white weddings in October and brown weddings in May but I try to use seasonal flowers and foliage where we can whatever the colour.


You have had a very interesting career working in the magazine industry before you turned to floristry would you say that helped you hone your eye for detail?


I think a working career outside of floral design helped in many ways, with the details, yes and also with being able to talk to clients about what they want, to talk about budgets without worrying about the money, I try to be honest with them about how the whole day will look and what is most important.


In recent years do you feel that more emphasis has been placed on a wedding's floral design – are installations and ideas getting bigger and is this the social media effect?


The 'need' for an arch or statement piece has definitely grown in the last five or so years... maybe the last few Royal weddings have had something to do with that ... but actually I've always been an advocate of go as big as you can for your budget... rather than spending on lots of little pieces that may get missed. Give guests something to remember and make a great backdrop for photos!!


What would be your top piece of advice for newly engaged couples wishing to create an impact with their floral décor?


Hah see above... take advice from your florist on what will work best for the venue and be most impactful, go seasonal (it's the best value too), and trust your experts.


What would be your dream design brief?


'Here's my budget, this is my wish list and this is the venue... surprise me, I trust you'


Finally, how can couples book you for their wedding or event?


You can find me on Instagram which is a great place to see any florist's portfolio but I'd prefer an email via my website so I can find out as much as possible about your big day plans.



Thank you very much to Liz.

You can find out more information by visiting her website.

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