5 Tips for Styling your Wedding Table

5 Tips for Styling your Wedding Table


Wedding Table Styling Tips for an Elegant and Impactful Tablescape


If you’re planning a sit down meal during your wedding reception, your table setting will play a big role in your overall wedding design. A beautiful tablescape helps convey the care, attention and thought that has gone into creating your luxurious yet meaningful celebration.

Not sure where to start? Read on for 5 expert wedding table styling tips. From colours and texture to décor this blog will help you create an undeniably gorgeous design that will simply wow your guests.

1. Form and Function

When you start working on your design, always think about form (how it looks) and function (how it works). Consider your guests and ensure they will be comfortable – don’t squeeze too many people onto a table and ensure you have the correct ratio of guests to table space. Your venue, furniture hire company or planner will be able to advise you on the recommended number of guests for each table size.

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and ensure your table décor invites conversation and intimacy – when choosing floral arrangements or candles make sure they are low enough that your guests can chat to each other across the table or high enough that they do not block anyone’s line of sight.

2. The Base

When planning to dress your table, carefully consider your base, whether that’s a crisp linen tablecloth, a runner, or exposed table wood, whatever you choose will become the foundation for creating your table design. Your base will also influence the ambiance with exposed wood often leading to a more natural, rustic feel and thick luxurious tablecloths adding a sense of occasion and formality. If choosing a cloth, think about how it will drape and fall – my design preference is freely flowing to the floor – and send off for fabric samples so you can feel the texture and check the colour under different lights.

3. Textures

You want your tablescape to elevate your dining experience and show your guests how special your time together is. One way of taking your dining experience from ordinary to extraordinary is through the use of textures. Layer your table liberally with a variety of tactile experiences from the softest tablecloth and napkins, through to the use of ceramics (crockery), metals (candlesticks and cutlery), and centrepieces. If you’re not using a tablecloth, try adding texture through tactile chargers, woven placemats and sumptuous napkins.

Your stationery, glassware and floral vases will also add to the overall effect. If you’re not sure where to start, simply add texture through layering. Start with a charger or placemat, followed by the dinner and salad plate, napkin and place card and you have a simple table setting. You can now consider how to add rough, smooth, polished and natural elements through your choice of linens, furniture, flowers and tableware. Don’t be afraid to experiment too, a few purposefully mismatched items can add interest to a chic, understated design.

4. Details

Want to elevate your wedding design without overcomplicating it? Small details can have a big impact, so consider a few elegant and unexpected elements to enhance your décor. Something as simple as fresh fruits on the table or a unique idea such as fabric rather than paper menus can create a modern and stylish design statement.

5. Colour

There’s a psychology to colour with the effects of some colours having a universal meaning, for example, blue is known to be calming and red is often thought of as passionate or angry. Whilst the psychology of colour is interesting, it’s exciting to play with colour too. Take black for instance, not a colour you would traditionally associate with weddings, but an increasingly popular choice in the wedding design world. The surprise juxtaposition when paired with a lighter palette really adds depth and creates an elegant contrast. Not sure how to include such a bold colour? You could start with accessories, adding tall tapered candles as a contrast to a white tablecloth or perhaps incorporating dark napkins, charger plates or menus to add an element of sophisticated luxury.

In Summary...

Creating a beautiful tablescape is about more than just picking pretty linen and crockery; it's about telling a story and making sure every element reflects the way you want to feel. Consider form and function and create a beautiful base – whether that’s a quality tablecloth, runner, or even placemats. Think about layering textures to add interest and depth. Finally, don’t forget the details - engage all the senses; whether that’s through colour, fragrant flowers, flickering candlelight or the feel of a crisp cotton napkin.


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